Pappad Maam!

मंगलोर स्टोराचो  गुर्तू  झाल्लो, वयाच्या विसाव्या वर्षी

तेन्नाथायी आमका घरांतू करून दवर्ले आळशी!

आम्गेल्लो स्टोरू पाय लाव्नू घारा येत्तालो केंनाई,

वत पाऊसु सोणु सगळे, हूम घेउनु मात्त्यारी!

पिण्णी सो वान्क्लेलो सावळो म्हन्तारो येत्तालो,

पाप्पडवालो माम नावाने गुर्तू कोर्नु दित्तालो.

मिर्सांग तळ्लेली, पियावावाडी, तीक पाप्पाडचो ध्यासू,

अप्पिनमिडी लोणच्या वटू, दाळी तोयीचो बेत खासू

पैश्याक घाशाघिशी कोरुक वाईट दिसनी केन्ना,

घारा येउनु अम्गेल्याची परीवारान्तुलो अण्णा!

नीड्लारी हूमू ताक्का, मेह्नतिचो प्रूफ,

थंड उद्दाक पिउन मात्र जीवन्त व्हर्ता दिस्ता पाप.

म्हान्तार्यागल पत्तो ना, अत्तं चम्कुनू वोच्का दुकानांतू,

वडिन्तुल रुची याना त्या नवीन सामानान्तु.

पाप्पड आणि लोण्च्यानतुल रुची नुसती ठीक न्है,

मामागल मोग्गाची माया तान्तु उणु दीस्ता व्हई!


Manglore storacho gurtu zallo, vayachya veesavya varshi

Tennathayi aamka gharantu karoon davarle aalshi!

Aamgello storu pay laavnu ghara yettalo kennayi,

Vat pausu sonu sagle, hoom ghyenu mattayri!

Pinni so vanklelo savlo mhantaro yettalo,

Pappad walo Maam navane gurtu kornu ditalo.

Mirsang talleli, piyawa wadi, teek pappadacho dhyasu,

Appinimidi lonchya vatu, Daali toyicho bet khasu…

Paishyak ghashaghishi koruka wait disani kenna,

Ghara yeunu amgelyachi parivaarantulo anna!

Nidlari hoomu takka, mehnaticho proof,

Thand uddak piun matra jeevant vharta dista paapu.

Mhantaryagal patto na, atta chamkunu vochka dukanantu,

Wadintul roochi yana tya navin samanantu.

Pappad and lonchyantul roochi nusti teek nhai,

Mamagal moggachi maaya taantu oonu dista vhai!


Paint me Red

Tonight I dreamt of you,

Of how you have painted your life without me in it,

How your colours have all faded and been replaced by grey and blue

How you tried to replace my place in your life with a stone cold heart

of how you laid tributes to me around your living in the dark…

I thought I should let you low, forget of yesterday stop from darkening your tomorrow,

But then I awoke and the illusion vanished, and I could see the reds…

The reds that depict danger, a warning and the colour that I saw oozing out of me when you walked away,

I saw the red that remained in my eyes when tears stopped half in their way

I imagined the red that you should see that you now have to worry,

I imagine danger for you every day and darkness of the depth without any grace,

This is not vengeance be vary,

But a payment that is due for you to compensate for your fake face!

A Fitting Reply

What happens when a heart is broken? Tears, bloodshed even sometimes. An illusion is created and you feel that the feeling of loving the idea of love, is love in itself… here she tried, she gave all she could, but she was still incomplete, she was still incapable of fulfilling and fitting the requirement of what he needed. She broke into pieces, shards, with jagged edges which hurt her more than anyone else, she tried to live on, and when she saw how she was being manipulated, she decided to take a step and reciprocate, this time with the clear intention of hurting rather than being hurt. Never ever try to tease an injured lioness they say, the results will not be pleasing at all….!!


She moved on but sometimes anger and resentment pulls you back, and holds you until the answer is equally devastating to the situation. When he chose to remind her of his existence and wish her well being and happiness as she moved on, she wrote him a reply, she hoped that it hurt, and she knows it’s not over yet. She hopes and waits for the day when the hurt is visible and pain uncontrollable for him!

Dear Mr. He,

 I am not sure I know of who you are, but I believe, you might have missed out on something important here. The she that you are trying to wish is no longer alive and your name sounds familiar to the perpetrator of her death. She did speak of you a lot more than she breathed and let me assure you, very much like her promise she had given to you, she did love you till her last breath. It is hard to convince a dying person in love that the love and devotion is in itself the poison that is burning her. She was quiet during the end, never let you know her pain, but her silence should not be misconstrued to be her forgiveness. Her demise was not sorrowful, however, it was more of a relief to many to see her leave rather than suffer any longer. However, she did leave me behind as her replacement, a stronger willed, pessimistic, non trusting individual. Her life taught me to not give more than you get and get more practical in life as love is a mere eye wash for your hormones. Let me assure you if she was to live today, she may not have read this email or approved of it and may have continued to be manipulated by your lying behavior of which she was convinced to be true. She walked away into the unknown on the day she realized that her belief in you was a false mirage and that it was her own built. The searing hot blade of breach of trust and her own foolishness burnt into her every day she lived. The shock of her own fault was strong enough to cause her own demise.

 Had you really meant those wishes, Mr. He, I don’t believe you would have ever done what you did, you wouldn’t have let her go.

 I do sincerely hope that this email finds you in good spirits and that you continue to live your life unaffected and indifferently as you have done so far and that no one else should fall into your web of delusions. May you have a happy life and do not try to contact me or try to bring her back to life at any cost. 

 This time it will only cost you.

 If you would like to tell me that I am judging you wrongly, I guess that I would be right in believing that you are a liar because I remember you saying that you haven’t opened your real self as much to anyone else. I justified your actions more than you could and I advocated your side. But this was an eye opener and trust me, this only shows that NOW I have judged you correctly than before……

 Thankfully not yours,



As she hit send button on the letter, she felt a very heavy dagger being lifted off her heart. The scar remained but she planned to tend to it soon, it would vanish the day she would see the transfer of her pain and karma playing its role. She really does hope that karma uses her as the tool for the destruction she intended to see.

The reason for this blog is not to hurt anyone or anyone’s sentiments but to wake the anger and self respect that is hidden in the form of sorrow. It is time to not just let go, but to return back with a strong emotion of vengeance and see to it that injustice is served its rightful result well. There is no excuse for hurting others, especially the ones who love you!

You and I

you and i
We walk together in the dark holding hands, ready to create history,

But what we know now, is nothing, tomorrow is still a mystery.


The day always starts with the sun shining bright,

But our togetherness calls for heavy downpour, in all its might.


This great and drastic change, is this nature’s sign?

Are we not right together, or is it purely divine?!


We start off all nice and sweet but I’m scared to see it end,

Its neither you nor me, it has just been the trend.


You show your strength with others, with me you seem fragile,

In your eyes it seems without me you couldn’t even walk a mile.


You shower me with words and feelings that your heart always desires,

I don’t know if I am able to honour and fulfil all that our love aspires.


You held yourself together strong, but your resolve did break

You couldn’t hold yourself back the way your heart started to ache!


A warm fuzzy feeling crept inside I know you felt it too!

You held your hands on my waist and uttered an ‘I Love you!’

बावला मन..

पिया थारे बिना चैन नाही आवे है
थोडा बकत भी बावला मन नाही लागे है
जुदाई हमसे सेहन नहीं होबे है
सारी सखियाँ भी अब सतावे है

चाँद की चाँदनी मैं रात भीगी जाए जैसे
रजनीगंधा की खुशबू से समां महक जाए जैसे
तुम्हारी यादों मैं तन्हाई बीती जाए
तुम्हारी जुदाई मैं जान निकली जाए

ना जाने थारे दर्शन से नैना म़ा सुख कब आवेगा
थारे प्यार मैं म्हारा जीयरा कब जी जावेगा

नैना का काजल आसुअं म़ा बहे जाए है
दिन को रात का अंधियारा छाये है
अकेलेपन मा दिल ना लागे
दीवानी को थारी याद सतावे

हवा का एहसास, बरखा का गीलापन
सपनों मैं तुम्हारी बातें, होश मैं दीवानापन
ना जाने कब फिर होगा मिलन
तुम्हारी जुदाई का घम अब और सहा नहीं जाएगा

ना जाने थारे दर्शन से नैना म़ा सुख कब आवेगा
थारे प्यार मैं म्हारा जीयरा जी जावेगा

Special Thank you to Dear Riddhi Chheda for helping me with the language vocabulary!

A Fairy Tale Story!

This is the story of the cutest couple I have ever seen, a loving and caring wife, and a doting husband… You think of all the love stories and fairy tales we have heard in our childhood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp & other Disney Classics and then you grow up thinking that it’s all just fiction. But they clear out all these misconceptions!!! 
Neil Pinto and Panatta Rebello-Pinto! Love you guys… 

Cutest Couple!

He fancied her from Day one, but didn’t know how to speak,

But then one day he made his move when her emotions were at peak.

They smiled and laughed and talked a lot, but that was just not enough.

So he planned a smooth, suave move, and avoided acting gruff.

He made a date and then they met,

An inkling of love was now born,

they had an evening neither would forget,

Now a day without the other made them forlorn!

Came one day when she had to depart,

not seeing each other broke their heart,

They made promises that they would keep,

love imbibed in their hearts so deep.

Their Wedding Dance!

The distance just brought them even closer,

They decided to live the rest of their life together!!

A ‘Once upon a time’ kinda story, with a next-door boy and a girl,

However, it wasn’t just the same, nothing ordinary,

a love story so sweet about to unfurl,

it was as beautiful as a fairy tale story!

Smartest groom in black, prettiest bride in white, both stood at the altar,

They celebrated a holy union for loved ones to witness, and then lived happily ever after……

Happily Ever After!

Love Saviour..!

Love was unseen, just heard of, and so was hard to believe,

Love was thought of a part of fiction, but still that was something all seemed to achieve.


Acting as though in part of a play, I had the role of a damsel.

In distress I awaited longingly for my knight’s arrival.


Then out of the blue I meet you as if it were meant to be,

Gradually I realised you are evidently a resilient part of me..!


I was filled with compassion and love so pure, it felt more than heaven.

Never before was this feeling explored, or was I driven with such passion.


In every moment I spend with you, I live an eternity in each

I feel ecstatic now to see how your love to my heart does reach!


It is impossible to explain what I feel when I see you!

But the simplest yet incomplete summary would be to say,