Irony of life is death!

At the area of Sukapur, (meaning the “dry village”) Panvel, Navi Mumbai, it rained and poured till it wet the entire area. Irony lay at every step. While the body was at the pyre for its final rites before we humans could really bid good bye to our friend, relative, father and husband, the clouds gave us what we could consider a sign of the heavens crying at his loss from the world or of his reception high above or even his possible grief of being away from his loved ones who now looked upon his presence that was for his entire duration amongst others, better known as his life.  
The son smeared ghee, (unsalted butter) on the face and the body of his dead father’s body to make the cremation easier. A cliched thought crept in my mind at this action, “to make life easy, or to make death easy?” 
As we were leaving and a small prayer was said, the priest wanted to indicate that an able man has left his physical body and his spiritual presence has reached high above. As an instinct I looked up to the cloudy skies and I saw the smoke that was coming out of the chimney as if indicating that the physical was indeed being getting rid off as the symbol for the spiritual being released. 
We live all our lives trying to be someone, be something, achieve, reach a goal, time is spent in smaller duties of a job and a business and worry about the economy of the world, when all is a method of ‘living’ where the definition of the word in its absolute has been lost. What is a fulfilled life? When the ones we loved and the ones who love us are around us in happiness and in sorrow, in sickness as in health. We were born out of the mud and earth and we go back to it. What we leave behind are memories, our legends, our thoughts, our ways of life and precedents that we set for the future of the world to follow and to be mindful of. Let’s not restrict our personalities but really ‘live’ for a better tomorrow for our future generations. Set the right precedents and give the right flow of thought. 
As we walked away from the place of denial of a loss of a human from our lives, we saw the clouds clear and the rain subside. It was time to let the show go on…


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