The Ticking Time Bomb

Time bomb

We are all living as a part of a live, ticking bomb, we all know we are going blow up one day. What we don’t know is when. This mystery keeps us moving on, drilling, hoping for a tomorrow for a future. We all plan for retirement, a vacation in Hawaii and for the college graduation of our kids. But what are we slowly moving towards? Our own end. But the end is not only of the world or our life or our thoughts and age, there are ends to relationships. Friendships, families, all die out. Death is inevitable. It could be due to distance or misunderstanding or lack of wanting to hold back valued memoirs when pitted against egos, religion, mental ability or physical ability. Greed, selfishness and everything else holds on to what ‘I’ want. ‘I want you to do this, because I said so, because it makes ME happy.’  ‘The world revolves around me.’ Someday we will learn to live for each other, hold on to the thinner than silk fabric first woven from the silkworm, before its tensile strength can be judged by anyone else. Why is it so hard to try and patch things up rather than giving up on them? Why do we value people and their presence in our lives lesser than what we can achieve in our investments? Everyone proudly states that ‘broken china when fixed still has the line where it once broke’. Why don’t we then think of the times when our broken radios when fixed, still gave us the same joy that we could get through its music, before it broke? Why are we hell bent on ridding ourselves of the old and then running amock looking for the new ones to fill this emptiness? When will we stop chasing the unprecedented and the unexpected or rather unplanned, when we have the opportunity to hold on to what we already hold dear and precious to us? Will we never learn?

We all go about in our lives displaying strength and a poker face, finding it demeaning for people to show emotions. Well, we built the machines minus emotions, rather than making them feel, we move on to become the iron man without the heart traveling to Oz, but we are obvious tracing the path backwards. Why, no one knows. We may progress technologically, but the very first principle of being human is being shunned. Maturity is weighed based on your pain threshold. Is it so wrong to break down and feel? Is it so difficult to make things clear, talk things out rather than push it under the carpet and wait till wind blows it back into your face? One day we are all going to sit back and blow apart into pieces when someone cuts the wrong wire and the bomb diffuses ahead of the expiration date and we will be left back with nothing but empty hands, shrapnel and pieces of things we could have worked upon. Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle will no longer fit back and we will find it hard or rather impossible to go back in time to wake our earlier self to grow beyond the materials and value what we have. It is always good to chase the new and the revered. But the question is, at what cost? It is right to throw out the water to fill our glasses with milk, but the question is what bereaves you, hunger or thirst? We are unable to assess our own needs and we end up confusing them with our wants, and we are left abashed at our own situation. But we stand up, dust ourselves off and walk away in dignity, because we are mature and are adults.

Because, “Levanta, sacode a poeira e dá a volta por cima” – Noite Ilustrada

(Get up, shake the dust and give an awesome comeback)


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