Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Namo Namaay

Respected Mr. Prime Minister,

Welcome to our country, welcome to the chair, welcome to everything that is unfair! Although, this may be one of the most prestigious positions, I am sure you are warned about the dirt and dust, the puddles, keechad, poisonous snakes ready to pull you down!

Whatever may be the reason that has helped luck favor your side, the need for change, the lack of trust in the other parties, too many scams or just pure hope from the general public, do remember that we have pushed in a lot of hopes in your basket… We have seen your rallies, your posters, your promises, heard your talks, now is the time for action. I am aware that your acceptance was no easy task, you had to face allegations, rumours, the past brought back to you, but you have conquered them all! The past few months have not been the ‘honeymoon’ periods like many other leaders get, yes I read that statement in your interview after your 100 days of ‘rule’. You are buzzing in the media with your trips and meetings with various international leaders.. great… I as a citizen of India do not regret it. Do what you wish to if you think it is needed in the long run for your reign and growth of the country. But a word of advice, our country is leaking with leeches and hyenas, unfortunately waiting to jump upon you to bring you down, to point fingers at you, to malign your image. Be wary of them, stay sharper.

Today as we see your presence in the media, I wish to look forward to a brighter tomorrow for India, you are the hope for us all. GDP growth, lesser farmer suicides, employment growth, lesser corruption; You are the one to make it happen, you are the one who is the beacon of light, holding the staff for us, the messiah to free us from the rot and the impending death of our democracy.

I know this is a ‘chhota muh badi baat’ letter but I believe you need to be aware of the sort of hope you are for us, I am sure you are aware of the pressure you are under, even more than what Sachin felt before he got his 100th century, I know this is very less time for you to prove your worth for every vote that came up to you. But don’t let us only look at the packaging of your substance in the media, let us see the fruits of your bearing, fruits of your hard work and planning, don’t let us in your shadow, the umbra of your light, do not cheat us! This time the rage of the youth has grown beyond the strength of the tsunami, and this storm is only waiting for the smallest of blows. Then no one will trust anyone else. Not only will it hamper the future of democracy, it will hurt the sentiments in those hopeful eyes of the people who almost worship you. As Indians we have always been overly emotional, practicality goes out of the window, in fact, people like me and my friends have started to actually plan a career in politics. Ashamed as I feel I am one of the few who do not own a voters ID. Trust me this time I have felt guilt of the highest order for having a mouth only depraving the situation of the country and not contributing in it. I was one of the few who never really gave a crap about it and also were lost in the saying of ‘India ka kuchh nahi ho sakta’ but never took the initiative to be the change. What I am saying is, we have started to trust again, we want to be a part of the change, for over 60 years, we waited for someone else to do it for us, but this time it is personal.

This is no threat, but more of a warning and loving advice for us, for you and I and the billion like me. This time, no false promises, no cheating, no corruption, pure unadulterated freedom from oppression, inequality, caste-ism, and no bell curves please, curves are good on us women, just exponential growth in every sector.

I hereby lay all my prayers, requests, advice and most importantly, once again, my hope in your daan peti, and wait for you to do what you are assuredly best at…change our face as a nation make it what we all have waited for it  to be for ages now. We lay our faith in the true Indian image that you portrayed with your simple Indian clothing, use of the national language even in the foreign nations…





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