Black Mourning!


Today I mourn, I mourn today, for a life is lost,

I sold away my soul to the devil, now my body is an empty host.

I lived my death every day, but now I let it go,

Decked in black I mourn today, for the loss of my soul!


Lifeless I shall survive, a zombie without a truth,

I exist lesser every moment, walking on an aimless route.

No future, no present, I have nothing left, I killed my own past,

I am the victim, I am my own villain and this journey will not last.


Losing courage, losing hope, I feel an utter void,

Sing no songs, lay no flowers, I have even lost my pride.

Burn or bury my remnants, for I have started to rot,

Without a heart without a soul, I don’t really have a lot.


What is this state I am left in, even my soul won’t show pity,

This stench I sense is of my own body, nothing less than ratty.

I gave up on life, I gave up on love and now it’s time for payback,

Does it really matter any more what went wrong, when purpose is what I lack!



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