₹oti $ufferers…

“$un Raha hai na tu, ₹o raha hun main” -The most popular phrase of 2013 Q3!

It’s been dwindling, falling apart and in some obscene although truthful words as described by Chetan Bhagat, it has been ripped off of all its virtue. The growing and booming economy of the country is now at a stage where medically speaking we might need a ventilator. All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men are trying hard to put Humpty Dumpty back again but seems like an impossible task as in the poetry. But what will a non-economist like me know about it? Sure the news and media are providing more than ample of reading material, but as an Indian, cynicism is a deep-seated infection in our brain. We can’t stop wondering if all our leaders are indeed doing anything about it, are they taking the right steps as one big family to safeguard our present and future or just trying to fill their own individual coffers before the rainy day!

Articles, books, debates, journals, discussions, news reports have one major headline of how the Rupee and the Dollar are in the boxing arena and the Rupee is being bruised and killed at every round. One can imagine the US Dollar in blue boxing gear, raving about in the boxing ring growling and grunting with its arms flexed up, jumping up and down. In the other corner we can see the bloodied and beaten up Rupee in red gear sitting heaving on the stool looking for support but there is no manager trying to quench its fatal thirst with water or giving it speeches of motivation. The Rupee sees all it’s supporters and team members sitting as far away as possible trying to avoid eye contact, hands held to the head nodding along in regret.

I am sure as a consumer and a part of the general public, aam aadmi as we are, I maybe just as much responsible as everyone else. Text messages, emails, social network posts are being shared indicating what we can do to stop or reduce this raging, (one-sided) war. Stop using international brands, reduce oil/petrol consumption, stop buying gold! Yes, that’s right, we should probably do all of that and more, but how many of us are willing to try and help out the country? Erm…. Maybe none. We are going about living as if nothing is wrong, except for when we see the rising inflation and the ever increasing unemployment problems, and as if on cue we decide to blame the government, the elections and how this is just a phase etc. etc. blah-di-blah-di-blah. I am equally a part of this group, this insensitive, nonchalant, group which only feels pure indifference and like a Bollywood movie believes in a ‘Happy Ending’ and that ‘All is well’. What do I need? I need someone to tell me what I should do. A leader who makes a plan, who rises to this situation and directs me to do a couple of things. If the right person with the right accolade and credibility walks-by and directs me, I am more than confident that we can all be programmed like ‘Vicky’ from ‘Small Wonder’ and follow instructions.

Enter Mr. Raghuram Rajan, reminds me of Shah Rukh Khan from ‘Swades’ who has come back and decided to sacrifice self needs to live abroad and rather work for his country. As a representative of India he has made his mark in the world. But he returns back for our good and I feel pride when I see his pictures in the press with a confident and determined look while he waves out to us from the entrance to his office as the 23rd RBI Governor. He is not just a name for us who has been added to many others in the history of India, but now he is like Agent J from ‘Men in Black’ come to save the world from destruction. But what is our Agent RR’s armor and ammunition that makes him a brighter star than all the others in the past? If we take his first address as his first chance of creating an impression at his position, we can see a few pointers which seem as the Endorphins to the human psyche of an average Indian at this point.

  1. Communication
  2. Inspirational Leading and ability to take charge
  3. Keeping his team at the forefront
  4. Using team inputs and appreciation of their efforts
  5. Motivation
  6. Keeping his sight at the horizon focusing on the target rather than surrounding factors that could bring him down
  7. He has a plan, not just promises.
  8. He has walked in the middle of the storm and did not bat an eyelid, ready to take on his charge.
  9. He has set his priorities straight
  10. Consulted past leaders
  11. Sounds Optimistic
  12. Remembered all the rivulets that the RBI’s decisions affect and decides to relax a few tight holds.
  13. He is gaining confidence of people around him.
Source: IBN Live

Is this an eyewash of a speech or does our cynicism as Indians always take the best of us? We have always waited and watched, given opportunities to people who haven’t really done anything besides give us false promises and never work on it. For an individual who has taken charge at this ripe age with a back up of great educational qualifications and international experience, I think he does command a certain amount of respect towards him.

Welcome to the dark side Mr Rajan. We look up to you as the bright beacon of light for our ‘Oh-so-almost-damned’ economy as our hope that will take us through these bad times and bring us to rise back in the limelight. Thank you for being our “Knight in Shining Armour” come to the rescue of our “Damsel in Distress” of a country who is being eaten up rotten by termites of her own womb!

We all hope you are successful in every plan that you make and shut every face of the pessimistic insect that is trying to deter your objectives!

Couldn’t help but share this image from Economic times

Source: Economic Times

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