In conversation with Him

One evening I was pondering, thinking to myself, when I decided it was time. All I needed was to form a question and he answered back!

Me:           So who am I?

Him:         Who you are is what you make of yourself! You are a pawn in the life sequence for others and the King or queen of your own. You are a part of a major story you just don’t know it yet.

Me:           Why these sequence of events?

Him:         Your every action creates a sequence; everything that is around you and surrounds you is a reaction to what you have done in the past.

Me:           Alright. How do I know what I have done is right or wrong? What is my purpose?

Him:         There is no one right answer. What you do is a mere representation of what your perception of the ‘Right thing’ is. What is right for the spider is chaos for the fly. Who you are and what your purpose is a big mystery. It shall unfurl and you will know how your actions affected in that final result! Savour the taste of this mystery, savour this sensation. Who would like a mundane story where you know how it ends? Wait for it, every moment of anticipation shall be worth it.

Me:           Oh hold on a minute, if I am responsible for my every action, who are you? What is your purpose?

Him:         (he smirked) I am what you want me to be. Your faith is what makes me. Think of me as a stone, think of me in human form, think of me as a messiah when you need hope. I am nothing but merely what your belief makes me to be. If you do not believe in me, I do not exist for you. But that doesn’t change anything. If one day you decide to be an atheist, there is no curse that will follow, if you one day decide to burn down posters, break stone idols, there won’t be repercussions in terms of the end of the world. Have you seen a mother reduce her love for her little boy just because he is being naughty or throwing tantrums? My existence, however, is purely based on how you think it to be. I do not expect bribes, I do not want sacrifices. Everything that exists has its rights to exist; they were all made for a purpose. You may think you are changing its existence, but it has its own expiry date and a purpose to fulfil, you are only the tool which is bringing it about.

Me:           I am confused. If we are the tools and what we do is already destined, why are we to face a future with repercussions of those actions?

Him:         Don’t be. There is only so much that human brains are supposed to programme only so much they are to understand and process, only so much they are to grasp. Your curiosity is what keeps you growing. Science is the way you will unfurl every minute mystery. The further you go, more are the possibilities of greater knowledge. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know unless you know of it later.

With more curls in my brain than in my hair, I pondered more. I am not to know of what I am to see, I should not be afraid of the unknown, just remember that I am a tool for the actions in the world. What has to happen is imminent, but I have to actively participate in these exact actions to receive full advantage of it. I am not a spectator; I am a part of this play. Have to seize the moment and continue with what I think is right.

Life and death are the goal posts. I must play the game in between; tread the path in this journey. I have no one else to answer to but myself. He lives within me. He is what I make him. He is hope, He is peace, He is the messiah, He is the future, He is the past, He is the friend, the companion in this journey and He is someone I can believe in without his expectations of anything in return. He will stand by me, guide me. He teaches me to be humble, selfless and appreciative of everything around me and what I have. He is an identity to the force that human kind doesn’t understand but names as the creator or the destroyer or just ignores its existence. He doesn’t force me to believe in him, doesn’t ask me to teach others his ways. He asks me to be and give what he gives me, again with no expectations of anything in return.

Is it too much to do?




  1. I liked the last para of your thought except for the bit “he is what I make of him”. If you believe God is the creator then you cannot believe he’s a stone, poster, idols. For example Steve Job is the creator of Apple (Iphone, Ipad etc) but because he’s the creator of the product can you say Steve Job is a Iphone or Ipad or one of the components in the tablet or phone??? ‘NO’. You cannot make God what you want him to be, as he is the God Almighty and cannot be in a stone or a poster or be a human.
    I won’t say anything about other religion but as a Christian, (trying to live my life according to the teachings of Christ), There is only one God the creator of heavens and earth who gave the commandment that you can shall have no other God up in the heavens or on the earth or under the sea in any form or image except Him (Father, son and Holy Spirit – Trinity)
    Father who sent his Son Jesus on to this earth as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind died on the cross of Calvary,resurrected on the third day defeating death (Satan) fulfilling all the prophesy’s said few centuries before the actual event. And whoever believes this is saved and the only expectation God has is to pass on this message to all who is unaware or ignorant so that they too would be saved and won’t say at the second coming of Jesus that he or she was unaware of this truth. And Son gave us Holy Spirit to guide and enable us to hold on to the truth in this life on earth.

  2. Dear Linsen,
    I do not wish to undermine or ‘endorse’ any religion or faith. Let me clarify that these are purely and only my thoughts. Thanks for appreciating my point of view and pointing out yours and your faith and belief. I think we are free enough and entitled to our own thoughts and opinions. I’m a science person but I do believe in a power so high and strong that we do not have the capacity to understand. Something that drives us. 🙂 I am sorry if I offended you in some way, but that was unintentional. Similar to you, I like what you commented especially the bit about one God, but like I said I cannot name that one God, because he doesn’t need a separate identity like humans, because He is the only one!

  3. It is said that when one seeks to “know” knowing happens. How intensely one seeks is the question.
    Am so very happy for you Anagha !

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