You and I

you and i
We walk together in the dark holding hands, ready to create history,

But what we know now, is nothing, tomorrow is still a mystery.


The day always starts with the sun shining bright,

But our togetherness calls for heavy downpour, in all its might.


This great and drastic change, is this nature’s sign?

Are we not right together, or is it purely divine?!


We start off all nice and sweet but I’m scared to see it end,

Its neither you nor me, it has just been the trend.


You show your strength with others, with me you seem fragile,

In your eyes it seems without me you couldn’t even walk a mile.


You shower me with words and feelings that your heart always desires,

I don’t know if I am able to honour and fulfil all that our love aspires.


You held yourself together strong, but your resolve did break

You couldn’t hold yourself back the way your heart started to ache!


A warm fuzzy feeling crept inside I know you felt it too!

You held your hands on my waist and uttered an ‘I Love you!’


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