Justice…. Nuff said!

People would love to wake up to a cup of coffee and some happy incident where we are lucky to have a government declared holiday from work. But today India wakes up to the news of the hanging of Ajmal Kasab. Happy, Content or safe? How would you describe this feeling at this time of the morning? Well, I would say a long wait for the country and all the mocking of the government shall now subside…the city of Mumbai may now breathe a silent sigh of relief. But does it? Is it the end? An otherwise categorised ‘inhuman’ analogy might apply here—if we destroy every single ant that walks up to your guarded sweet, singularly, will that make our sweet safe? Temporarily, yes. Permanently, no! We do have to eventually call the exterminator and look for the ant hill! Destroy the base to stop further attacks. However, unfortunately, I believe this is not as easy in this situation. There is no on-call exterminator, no ghostbhuster to save us. So who are you gonna call?? This time there is no physical base of the cause. It is the mind that is polluted. Very much so like the figurative rotten apple, that creates more rotten apples as it goes.


Sinister Terrorist?

Should we be happy? To be honest I have been one of the 1.2 billion population asking for this day to come earlier. I was one of the masses of the country when we all wanted the perpetrator of the 26/11 to be punished, to perish! But at this moment why do I feel betrayed by my conscience? To watch the recorded files of the time before the execution, to see him pray for himself at the last moment, only remind me of the movie ‘The Green Mile’. The time of conviction and the decision of your execution is made certain, the terrorist inside you, the nationality of a country, the patriotism all wanes. You are probably at the most purest form of an absolute human being. Nothing now separates you from being only just a form of life, a part of evolution. He probably returned to being the farm boy he used to be before greed of money uprooted it. At this time though, I thought he was betrayed by his country of birth maybe, by denying his final rites. But did he feel the same? Did he care enough?

The father of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was a martyr of these attacks, Mr K Unnikrishnan spoke to a news channel. I heard in his voice aggravation, anxiety, a rush of adrenaline. With a taste of revenge on his tongue, the father said words my brain couldn’t fathom at first, “I cannot say that killing Kasab was my target. I am not achieving anything………I definitely feel that killing Kasab was not good. It is not good killing a person. But he (Ajmal Kasab) was not innocent. He was a culprit and has received punishment…….. Sandeep was not directly connected with Kasab, Kasab did not kill Sandeep……….It is only the closure of one chapter, we have so many chapters open “. These words show the avenging was not for only his son, but for the deaths of all the innocent people. A father who has lost his son does feel that Kasab was after all a human being, strayed away from humanity morbidly in a way due to lack of emotion or sense of regard for other human life. However human, flesh and blood like us but with a deep seated infection. Do we amputate a finger, or the hand? How do we reach the core of the cause of this cancer that devours everything around it? This should and always has been our goal! But hopes remain high, thoughts remain ideal. Isn’t he a result of his education? What is right and what is wrong? Who is to decide? How is one to decide the errors of the brain which has always been programmed and trained to work in such a fashion? Wasn’t he but a mere pawn of the game? How does anyone apply a filter to his thoughts and learning? Thousands might now be manufacturing and training to fill in Kasab’s place with pride! They might even consider him a hero, in their ‘fight or revolution’. They might consider him a martyr, a passionate loyalist to their movement.


Or innocent farm boy?

Who dies today, the terrorist brain or the boy who was promised money? There are seemingly more deaths as a matter of collateral damage!

So he waited for 5 years for justice to take its toll. Was he at peace? We all heard of the luxuries that he was provided during this wait. A thought however does cross my mind, did he at anytime repent his acts of 5 years ago or has the rot set in so deep that he died still believing in what he did was right?!

PS: After the incident at Palghar, I am afraid of being arrested for stating my opinion. I know this matter of ‘justice’ won’t take five years, but probably just five hours! This blog felt like bile rise up and had to be vented out.



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