Rhythm of hearts!


There are many things that people do with their hands, lips and mouth! But to use it for your driven passion and for the well being and happiness for the world around you is a virtue. Such is the use for art and music. Few of the best instruments are flute and violin. Their versatility is in the fact that they can give you company at your saddest moments, add to your cheer, calm you at your worst and make you shed a tear at your happiest!

                       If you think that money makes you feel like a VIP, I would deny it outright. My colleague helped me sneak up into one of the best music events of my life. The legendary Pandit PadmaVibhushan Shri Hariprasad Chaurasiya. A free and special seat at the sound and light board made me feel lika a VIP.

                         He would remind you of Lord Krishna, not only because of the beauty and rhythm that moves from his heart to yours, but also since at the ripe age of 89 he bears the playfulness of a 5 year old.

If you listen to the notes with your eyes closed, they create images. Not dreams, but images. When the music is low and calm, it can show you the orange crack of dawn. It can be the silent drop of dew falling from a leaf, it can be the fast rhythm of a rain shower. When you listen to the tabla, it is one that brings order to the rhythm around it. It is like the organiser of the entire show. Brings harmony to it, but it can build up a storm or create stepping stones for Lord Shiva’s Tandava.

Music is a magical adhesive which can join the ones who can hear it. It could be of different origin, different instruments, different rhythms, but affects the only one part of every human being, his and her heart! However evil or malicious you may be, notes of music although of a varied kind will seduce you to a feeling of content.

Pop, rock, metal, Hindustani classical, bollywood, classic, whatever maybe your choice, it is impossible to think of a day without the tiniest bit of rhyme and music, a dry day almost?


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