Precious like gems, the glint in your eyes,

The touch of your skin and velvet be defined,

Raindrops will wane and the sun shall rise.

Warmth in your arms I feel and I unwind.


Possessed, I am possessed, by your love,

Possessed, it’s magical, it’s unreal

Possessed, I am possessed by your love

Silently a kiss on my lips you seal…


As a stranger you moved into my heart, and it felt just right

It wasn’t vacant, I felt, full of life I was

But now I am complete, it’s occupied, just quite

Our eyes met, and then I knew, as a new person I arose.


Music all around, life is growing its appeal,

I say again, it’s magical, it’s unreal

I am possessed by your love.


It’s lonely in my thoughts when you are not a part of them,

Not my fault, your love is to blame.


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