Imagine a child, an infant about a few weeks old. The frail hands, frail skin, and the delicate touch we use for them. The nappy changes, cooking their food before we think of our lunch or dinner. The way we bathe them till they smell like fresh flowers, powder their body to keep them dry and to avoid the smell of the unwanted expulsions from their body. We go all gaga over their incomplete and incomprehensible baby talk and hold imaginary conversations, try to understand their monosyllables and spend hours trying to figure out their needs. We even hold imaginary conversations with them! Find every movement adorable. This is exactly how our parents have treated us. However, when our elders do exactly the same we ignore them and avoid our duty, reciprocation and repayment of our debt to them. Justice???? Something evil overcomes us. Selfishness??

Don’t people realise that they are eventually going to grow old someday? Are they that stupid or plain ignorant? We see people abandoning their parents at an old age especially when that is the age that they are the most vulnerable. Just like little kids, newly born. So then why the different treatment? Just because they are older than us, because we have taken it for granted that they are plainly a hindrance in our daily routine. But are they? You will observe fellow passengers in the bus not offering space for them to sit unless they are asked for, and they shamelessly stay even when their eyes try to tell you how tired they are and could do well to sit.

An old couple were doing their grocery shopping even when they are hardly capable to tie their shoe laces. If you happen to look at them, they will smile back at you and discuss the lovely weather they see with the sun shining even if it is biting cold winter. We cry and abuse our fate and life of things that we don’t have but we are never appreciative of what we have.

Life sure is ironic. Pride is absent if it is a self made man, but evident when it is someone living on another person’s expense. The rich are given loans and discounts when they can afford full prices and the poor pay every penny with their hard earned money even when they can’t afford the full prices. The old and weak are left to tend to themselves when they are not in the best of health but had a lot of friends and relatives surrounding them when they were in the pink. What more can they ask for? A few words, a small conversation, a little bit of acknowledgement of their presence in your life and they will never even ask you to take care of them. Nothing special, but if you do something, it will live with them forever.

Irony is the way of life, and it is important to remember that today is your day, seize it and help the unfortunate because you never know what tomorrow would look like…Never expect from life but remember how even if little you have made a difference in someone’s life, and in case if you do grow old, imagine how much importance your goodwill gesture held for them.

On a different note:

In spite of all hardships that you might have fallen through, and frustrations that might have you tired of living, living to grow old with the one you love is the most best feeling you could ask for…



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