The Pauper’s PARK

For an average, Indian common man (aam-aadmi) what the government does is not necessarily all-scam-no-work-productivity nonsense. But some things do hit you like a hedge-hammer. And the aggression and ‘senselessness’ in you wakes up to form a Raavana of it and you are ready to burn it down. One such Diwali took place in India on account of the Dream Park by Mayawati. At the outset, of such intelligence failures (or not), the common man wakes up and participates in the holy burning of the demon… Following are a few of the dialogues that he/she may blurt out…

It’s really astounding to see a CM spending rather wasting such inordinate sum of public money to come up with a so called “Dalit park”. But, what really exasperates me as an Indian is the audacity of her supporters and so called “educated Dalits” defending and justifying her move on all TV shows & public forums. I honestly wonder if they have actually been benefited from the education they received. How?…how can a right thinking person with a sound mind be proud of anything like this. The CM perhaps should have built a world class Institute and named it after her as she is so bloody self obsessed. If not, may be a hospital or a housing colony which could have benefited so many. It would have not only provided employment opportunities to people from her state but also developed the state. But Mayawati (Dalit ki beti) being a corruption queen and with her parochial and dirty politics couldn’t have actually done any better.

Kancha Ilaiah, he calls himself a Dalit activist and writer.  He is the same man who raised objections to Jan Lokpal Bill. I wonder the capacity of his intellect because his objection was that the bill doesn’t include reservation for Dalits. I seriously wish I could just laugh it off but the seriousness of the issue holds me back. A writer has the capacity to change the cognition of the whole generation but on the contrary instead of taking the mind away from caste and such social ills people like him keep feeding the society with such rigmarole. If they truly want to help the society and their community in particular why not educate them to such high levels of intelligence that people look up to them for who they are. Dr. Ambedkar is a prime example. He did not become what he did by playing dirty politics. He actually did something which is so conspicuous and the whole world recognises it today. Now that is the glory of the man. Not only is he looked up to but is also remembered for what he did for the upliftment of an oppressed community.

By identifying themselves as Dalits, oppressed, and different on every public forum possibly available to them I don’t think they are doing any service to the community. But what they certainly are doing is alienating them from rest of the society. People who do not even want to think on these lines are forced to treat them differently for a simple reason because they identify themselves as different – “A community that has been oppressed for 1000s of years” and with such “in your face” approach they are ensuring hatred for the next 1000s years. By adapting such attitude they are making us hate them.

The justification which is often thrown is that they were oppressed for centuries and now finally they have found a voice. I ask these people now that you have found your voice why do you want to waste it? Just because our forefathers were stupid who did what they did and now you want to match their stupidity. I wonder people like Kancha Ilaiah would have still supported this ₹ 685/- Crore park if he didn’t have his basic needs fulfilled. Would he have still stood his ground and defended “Dalit ki beti”? I guess not, but on second thought – well may be he would have. He sleeps with his stomach full which is why he can afford such audacity but one must ask millions of Dalits who do not even get one meal a day let alone basic needs. Ask them if they really think if this park has empowered them and served them or their families in any manner?

But hey! It’s INDIA, Hindu-Stan or should I say Bharat because you never know who might feel offended. Democracy is THE word and such people are making full use of it.

Long way to go…

Jai Hind!



  1. I will suggest you to meet some BSP cadre activists and then write next part of this blog. Look one sided. Read something about Kancha Illaiyyah then comment about his intellect. Blog is good but look like another one sided article on Dalit ppl which are written from AC chamber. It was nice read though.

  2. ha ha.. I’m laughing at Avinash’s comment.. it shows even he doesn’t know what you are trying to say in this blog..
    your writing is good Anagha..
    Please write something which will create good mood for the readers.. This bloody political topic is nothing but waste of time..

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