Daddy’s Lullaby

Dusk now lies beneath the horizon,

Dawn awaits the sun,

Go to sleep little one, the twinkling in the stars has begun…

All day you have toiled,

With all that play your clothes are all soiled.

Its time you rest those tired feet,

For the sand man is here for you to meet!

Under the sheets you stay tucked and warm,

The moon will lure you with its charm.

The night light will keep the monsters at bay,

My brave little dear sleeps here in his PJ.

The chilly night has taken its toll,

On your side I see you roll.

‘M Sure your mother wishes to run to you, hold you close

And sure she wishes then that time froze.

You see she can’t be with you now

God in heaven chose her to stay above.

She resides there as a queen to mothers elsewhere,

Making sure they have more than enough love to spare.

To see little boys like you are loved always,

Working hard in heaven she stays.

But in your dreams, she will see you there,

Silver wings, a halo and flowing black hair.

Angelic face, you will see, loving and nurturing

She is the mother every child deserves having!

She is always with you, her love blanketing you.

An angel like her are for only but a few.

On your forehead I kiss you lightly,

Wishing you a good night here goes Daddy.

For tomorrow shall be a brand new day,

With fresh hope and aspirations here to stay…

I now see your eyelids shut,

Leave you by yourself now I must.

Innocence on your face does glow,

My only reason for life you are now!


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