A Fairy Tale Story!

This is the story of the cutest couple I have ever seen, a loving and caring wife, and a doting husband… You think of all the love stories and fairy tales we have heard in our childhood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp & other Disney Classics and then you grow up thinking that it’s all just fiction. But they clear out all these misconceptions!!! 
Neil Pinto and Panatta Rebello-Pinto! Love you guys… 

Cutest Couple!

He fancied her from Day one, but didn’t know how to speak,

But then one day he made his move when her emotions were at peak.

They smiled and laughed and talked a lot, but that was just not enough.

So he planned a smooth, suave move, and avoided acting gruff.

He made a date and then they met,

An inkling of love was now born,

they had an evening neither would forget,

Now a day without the other made them forlorn!

Came one day when she had to depart,

not seeing each other broke their heart,

They made promises that they would keep,

love imbibed in their hearts so deep.

Their Wedding Dance!

The distance just brought them even closer,

They decided to live the rest of their life together!!

A ‘Once upon a time’ kinda story, with a next-door boy and a girl,

However, it wasn’t just the same, nothing ordinary,

a love story so sweet about to unfurl,

it was as beautiful as a fairy tale story!

Smartest groom in black, prettiest bride in white, both stood at the altar,

They celebrated a holy union for loved ones to witness, and then lived happily ever after……

Happily Ever After!


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