Confessions of a politically apathetic Youngistani

Shocked, disgraced, disgruntled, irritated…………………and eventually apathetic, that’s the flow of emotions you feel when you read about our politicians. Most of us blame the system for the corruption, the selfishness, greed, and an overall squishing of a common man. Then some enlightened people remind us, we are a part of the same system, and we form the rest of the system. At such times, we decide that it is time for us to do something, change the system from inside, and promise ourselves that we will make sure that we will make a difference. There are सनसनीखेज़ खुलासा  (Sensational Expose) news headlines, talk shows, but after this wave of awakening passes away, we go back to the usual humdrum. We fall back in place with the same old thoughts of, ‘We live this life only once, why waste it trying to straighten the dog’s bent tail?’ I have never been a part of a revolution, war or even the smallest of protests. But then how many of us are? Our Indian चलता है (its ok, it happens and we can manage it) attitude continues, and after a brief period of the politicians calling out ‘Aal iz well’ to themselves, all really becomes well.  They know the public forgets soon, criminals stay at large. We have parents who feel for the country, shed tears for the soldiers and जवानs on the Indian border who sacrifice their lives for our safety and a better life, but would never want us to join the armed forces as they fear for loss of their children. Unfortunately for you to join an army, you need to have training from a young age, particularly at a time when parents majorly govern your thoughts and your will.

The blog about the Nehru Gandhi Dynasty certain such facts were uncovered. . I say facts because the author has references of books detailed in most of the statements that he has made. Although I don’t vouch for the authenticity of such articles, I am of no calibre to disregard it entirely. It is articles like this that we all love to read. A bit of inside look, or gossip in any body’s life is always interesting, and these are major history creating leaders of India.

They create the breaking news here. However the article and its interesting responses and the comments of the individuals gets one thinking. They will resemble the pattern described above. Some of them are irritated to see that people are interested in the illegitimate relationships that these country leaders have had. But they fail to see the mysterious deaths, and missing people listed in the list. A new book about M. K. Gandhi has details of his illegitimate relationships and his homophobic tendencies, which fortunately for the late soul, got drowned in the news of the country winning the cricket world cup. One of the comments for the previous mentioned blog creates a feeling of sour grapes. To quote Ravi, ‘Illicit Sex is something which fancies entire humanity. A person without power and money dreams of it and those who have Power and Money, enjoy it to the fullest.’ True? Another guy, Ajai mentions, that his 7 girlfriends that he has had might create a problem tomorrow when he is elected prime minister. But they fail to realise that this is not the whole point of the blog. Some more people are of the opinion that this is a story created by RSS India (political party stressing on the Hindu reality of the country). So disgusting is our situation that we are blind folded and instead of connecting the dots and understanding facts, we would rather play the blame game, sit back and watch the show and then again shove the responsibility on them. But some more people have actually gone ahead and added more facts in them.

Instead of power greedy, rich and uneducated people ruling our country there should be opportunities for the educationally and emotionally rich individuals like IAS officers, the Supreme Court judiciaries, respectfully retired army officers, etc. These are the ones who are socially aware of the situations, and have faced conditions of national importance. Politics for me is like a huge pit of rotten food and materials, pelting offensive odour over the entire existence and around it, poisonous to the core with tarantulas, spiders, stinging scorpions, and snakes. Why would a house fly want to run into it even by mistake? It’s time for the pit to be burnt and exterminated to start a new bright horizon for the country. Even if the house fly does enter the old pit, it is bound to be squished, or metamorphosed into one of them.

Foreign countries, hell bent on being the supreme power are trying to pull us down with such facts in their hands. A common ideology that we have seen, if you pull down the first ranker, you take their place as first without crossing their benchmark. If you see two groups fight, and they are a hindrance to you, well just add fuel to the fire, sit back and watch the pyre burn, and you take the cake!

Again, I am no great example of political sensitized revolutionary, it is easy to write and feel stuff for the indigestible crap going on in our country rather than act for the good of it. But I am one of the many millions who want to lead a life with a good bank balance and a few odd luxuries, scared for her own life before anyone else’s to try to make a change. A simple and common citizen of the country, hoping against hope that these words are sharper than the sword and that tomorrow is a better day for our country.



  1. did you see the TV serial Chanakya?
    our political history is not different from present. Even Mahabharat has the same story. All family business and corruption.
    Don’t feel bad or good for the country.. This land will remain the same until the earth is rotating.. live your life..

  2. Nice stuff Ana…But I would love to see your creativity and imagination in picturing a new India if you and the educated class had the power. Where do you think our strengths lie? All we can do is crib. The lokpal bill is another joke now. Having discussions amongst friends is all fine and fun. But on the ground, how do we do it? I am looking forward to something along those lines. Keep writing. This rocks.

  3. If every one starts thinking like U means!! Who will take the responsibility of leading India, I think we should stop thinking and start acting!!! then we can hope for better India.

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