Life at the end..

I was passing by an old cemetery, close to a church, and the sight you see there is the biggest Irony of nature. Along all the graveyards, there are blades of grass, heavily growing strong tree trunks, filled with green and plush spring wedding flowers in pink and white. Little yellow Dandelion flowers, bright daffodils, blue bells, Bougainvillea, hyacinths on and around the graves… It’s like an indication of a ‘beginning after the end’, of life after death. You see vigorously growing Life around death. The dull Greys and blacks are overcome with bright cheerful colours. Every time we feel it’s the end, it is probably just a step towards the next phase, a new beginning, from being something dull to a brighter tomorrow.

Ever seen trees cut down at its trunks? The tree dies but you will see tiny leaves growing out of it… What motivates it to still live beyond its untimely death? Where does it get the will power and why the insistence to live on? I guess Life just goes on!!


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