The Intelligent Villain

Villains, Rogues, Standing tall.. Who’s the scariest of them all?

There is nothing more complicated, mysterious and dangerous than the human brain. It is the most expedient and expendable object available to every person and science has taken us way beyond ourselves, to show how great it can be.  The basic statement, that we only use a mere 10% of the actual capacity shows, the complexity and greatness it is capable of. Although it is even this slightest of amount which can bamboozle us.

What we read, listen, see and understand, creates a knowledge base. But this may not always be fool-proof. It is what we believe in which creates our Points of view, our attitudes towards, life, other people, and our ‘morals’ if any. So rights and wrongs are basically based on our perception of the reality. Similar is the idea of truth and false, evil and saintly, sins and virtues. If we happen to consider a hyena that might look like one of most hideous creatures to us, might be absolutely inviting to an animal lover.

Our mind is capable of not only letting us create our own worlds around us, but is also the ‘micro-chip’ of our being. All those Sci-Fi movies with the Robots controlling our world are absolutely needless. The biggest threat we face is the control of our mind on us. Few things can trigger our mind to control our thinking and behaviour. Once we are convinced of what ‘we think is right’, there is no walking back on it. It’s like the land of no return. Now that would be a good thing for some and a bad thing for some. Few examples, scientists obsessed with numbers and logic, people considering Taliban as a school and their definition of paradise and hell. Now what we might think the later to be as terrorists, they are convinced that what they are doing is exactly right, and that it is up to them to change the world to a better place. Isn’t that exactly what priests want us to do? Make the world a better place to live in, as per their higher position of Sanctity? What is different here is the claim of violence. To each his own. The Taliban think that the route of non-violence is incomplete and not compelling enough for us to realise these goals. Well we are not exactly following the preaching of our priests are we?

It is like a veil formed around our eyes, analogical to the alcohol filled cranked up people, who are convinced of their great dancing abilities, or singing and at times also their oratory skills. But whether your concept of your ‘principals’ or ‘morality’ are universal or not depend on how many people ‘side’ by you. An important distinction between a normal person and a villain is the number of people believing in ideas similar to yours. If you are alone, you are definitely the baddie, if otherwise you are safe. Unfortunately, the world is at the brink of being one big villain to itself. If we all believe that one thing is right, then we are not the bad guys, and we continue with our lives. But if just one person believes in something which contradicts everyone else, then that one person is condemned. Sadly, it is not the value of what we speak, it is the number of people in our favour that counts. Example, if just one of us or a scattered few were responsible for global-warming and consuming all the resources of the world, those few unfortunate ones would be judged guilty and looked down upon. But now that we are all more or less equally responsible for it, we are bound to live with it in a “let’s go with the flow” attitude. We all know that it’s wrong, but how many of us believe in making it a better place by actually changing our outlook?

Humans are victims of their minds. What they think is what they want to believe in. Sight is more often than not the final judges, and the verdict is declared. Good, bad and ugly are usually formations of perception that we have. You need proof before you claim and blame. But the media doesn’t need anything. They might just throw in the few videos and pictures on the internet or the ‘NEWS’ Channels on television and successfully fabricate the truth. Again, even if we might know the truth and that is not what is exhibited we would not want to go ahead and disrupt everyone else’s notions about it and be blamed as the ‘Fiend’ of the situation.


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