God-Yours, Mine and Ours Explained!!!

Disclaimer: The following text is just a way of thinking and is not written with an intention of blasphemy, or to hurt any individual’s feelings of religion or God..!!

An age old saying goes, “Try, try till you succeed”. You are optimistic and courageous to look into the future and anticipate gaining what you have dreamt of. You hope for all that you claim is right for you and then, age takes over..! Hopelessness overcomes when what you were hoping for hasn’t quite reached you. Cynicism breeds. This is when the human nature looks for some place that might make him hopeful, a sanctuary. We try positive thinking, we try to listen to experienced parents, family or friends. But then eventually all of it still fails to create the hope that you need. It is not strong enough. You now look for a stronger support, ‘A Superior Power’. Even if it is plainly Supernatural, may not exist, but is still required.

Dire circumstances and desperate situations, call for desperate measures. And now, enter, God, Allah, Jesus, Bhagwan, and many many more names. You see Amitabh Bachchan in the temple delivering his legendary dialogue, “Bhagwan, maine aaj tak tumse kuch nahin manga, aaj pahli baar kuch maang raha hun…” These names may have been just that- a few names given to the higher and supreme power. Sometimes it feels, as if these things were plainly brought in existence by parent who also got the threats of Gabbar Singh, Crime Master Gogo, or ‘Buddha baba’ also known as the ‘Boogey man’ to make the child go to sleep and leave the parents in peace. Although,stories of Gods and Goddesses were created to form a positive outlook or expectation towards life, and sow in a seedling for hope as opposed to the previous threat. You need a job, you pray; you need more money for medical purposes, you pray; you need the love of your life to reciprocate your feelings, you pray; as a kid when you want your first bicycle for your birthday, you pray…!

Over the years, the ‘good’ people realised that rather than being hypocritical and praying only when in need, you could rather pray for over a period, and then you could end up with a good life and no problems. This is analogical to paying a recurring deposit in the bank, when you are earning well, and during times of retirement, you sit back relax and enjoy the fruits of the earlier savings and the interest that you have owned…! So which one of us was hypocritical? We would do anything to serve the purpose to make these supernatural powers happy. Singing hymns and bhajans, celebrating festivals and all the way to even sacrificing in unspeakable ways innocent animals, we humans have done it all.

I strongly believe that, “Truth is a social construction.” I had heard this in a lecture for research methodology when writing a literature, whether for dissertation or otherwise. I am guessing this applies everywhere. Over the years these stories were told from one generation to the other and were obviously changed, based on the situations, trends, kinda like the game ‘Chinese Whispers’ or ‘Telephone’, where the final message in the group is eventually an edited version which means something absolutely different from what the original one was transmitted. So we see various holy books and words of The Almighty. It might have been all in good faith, with good intentions. But people were so determined to believe in the ‘Supreme Power’ that they started to look for them in people, who could probably use the extra part of their brain, the extra more other than just the 10% as we are said to utilise. And they were given the accolade of being an ‘Avatar’ –Reincarnation of another God.

Same people who designed the boogeyman also designed ‘Satan’, ‘Shaitan’, ‘Devil’. The Yin cannot live without the yang, the electron of the proton, the negative of the positive. But I fail to understand, when we all consider him to be one, why don’t we consider all God’s to be one? Or maybe they would come with an explanation that lot of positive not only cancels out its equal negative but stays as a positive influence. Somehow I am missing the good part, shouldn’t everything in the universe be balanced?

Coming back to the ‘Hope’ part of this write up, remove this one small entity form our lives, what will people do when in despair? What is the one thing that indicates a tiny ray of light towards the end of the tunnel— hard-work, Patience, knowledge or self-confidence? Miracles would no longer exist; all that will remain will be a drastic turn of events, with a mystery behind its existence.

In spite of all the questions and thoughts and cynical outlook, we have been brought up with such thoughts of God’s existence and the ill effects of blasphemy, that it stops you from these thoughts and you will quickly think of Him and ask for forgiveness.

Instead of taking the sermons and the books as a guideline, it seems to have gone too far to be controlled. People are killed based on religion, heck, I might be next in queue for writing this…!!  :s

Oh God, I am on my way now to you..!!! Help me with salvation!!

Everything said and done, ofcourse I am still not an atheist!



  1. “GOD” knows how many ppl have tried to “explain” & how many have been able to. Contemplation – I guess will continue as “no” one “knows” really. Well enunciated acticle though.

  2. Relegion ..bull shit….being created by humans for their on godliness …and god

    .in Sanskrit they say “tatvam assi” which means you urself have god within you….still we god to the temple to pray to millions of gods choosing a day for each….in way i agree to choosing different days for different gods atleast they don’t work full time

    Good article….

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