Ready for Take Off

Smiles ‘n tears everywhere, Adults ‘n children alike,

Time for a change from every day, this one’s gonna be faster than a bike!!


Bags ‘n baggages all packed well, they are absolutely ready to go,

Passports and visas ready for checks, you’re gonna miss it if you’re too slow!


Vacations, weddings, meetings ‘n more, form reasons to travel,

Or maybe just to stay away from work, lay in the beach and gravel…


Mixed cultures, mixed nationalities are all found here, maybe just going back home,

Or you might just find another couple on their way on a honeymoon to Paris, London or Rome…!



Millions of currencies spent for crossing the 7 seas ‘n lands,

But more are surely spent on the travel accessories brands!


First time flyers or ‘Platinum’s, and ‘Diamond’s, you see equal apprehension and excitement,

Royalty-like services requests and complimentary upgrades are asked for without almost any embarrassment!!!


Goodbyes have always been bad to say, it’s always difficult to depart,

The Airport is just such a bag o’ assorted candy, mixed emotions at heart!



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