Love Saviour..!

Love was unseen, just heard of, and so was hard to believe,

Love was thought of a part of fiction, but still that was something all seemed to achieve.


Acting as though in part of a play, I had the role of a damsel.

In distress I awaited longingly for my knight’s arrival.


Then out of the blue I meet you as if it were meant to be,

Gradually I realised you are evidently a resilient part of me..!


I was filled with compassion and love so pure, it felt more than heaven.

Never before was this feeling explored, or was I driven with such passion.


In every moment I spend with you, I live an eternity in each

I feel ecstatic now to see how your love to my heart does reach!


It is impossible to explain what I feel when I see you!

But the simplest yet incomplete summary would be to say,








  1. Wish I could comment by writing something which isn’t banal or platitudinous in any manner but unfortunately my vocabulary doesn’t offer me that privilege as me certainly not as eloquent as you are. Therefore, all I can say is “This is awesome”. Although I still wish I could articulate myself more explicitly. Truly overwhelming & touching to the core really.

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