Boyz Vs. Galz

A high percentage of the world population has had the million dollar debate of “Boyz or Galz- who is the best?”  Every time such a debate is shaping it more or less ends at the guys going topless. The argument doesn’t go further yet, as most women, (most being the keyword here) prefer to maintain their dignity as far as I have heard of, well at least in public. So I guess most of us have never seen this debate come to an end in a sensible and rational manner.

Women… One of God’s best creations (every woman will agree) and also one of the worst (this should stall the men!!!). I am sure God must have been disappointed after he made women. Why??? Well let’s say it felt like making heaven with the help of a casting couch. You have achieved what you wanted but not guilt free.  You see, the point is, that although, it is the hand that rocks the cradle, it technically does rule the world. Consider this, if you have women like Tulsi you also have Komolika. To explain the non-Saas Bahu Fanatics, if you have had a ‘Cat-woman’, you also did not miss out on ‘Cruela’ Get an idea??? No? What do you need Sirji a.k.a. Abhishek Bachchan to explain this to you now…?? Sheesh…

Most of the stories happening sure involve women. Tragic or otherwise. Watched a ‘Big fight’ episode on NDTV on 21Jan, topic was Double standards on Morality. But I was really excited to see a guy who represented a charitable association for ‘Harassed husbands’. Thank God for him… Now there is a sliver of hope for all the poor guys in the world. Some day when I get to ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ as a celebrity, I can choose this organisation to donate my winnings. The world recognises the evil men, it was time we recognised the shifting paradigm. What’s worse, we are time and again reminded, how complicated and twisted we are. Today for example my cousin, Sr. Shintre, “Whats with you gals and the word ‘Really’? I say something nice and then you just say, ‘Really?’ Does it look like I was cracking a joke before? But on the other hand if I say something bad, you will agree to it immediately.” Not to forget a dear friend prompts me every day, of how I always take his every word in the wrong sense, which as per him is not meant to be.

Then I watch a “Sex and the city” episode, I feel for all the women in the world. Although it speaks in particular about women in Manhattan, New York, it seems like a growing story for every metro city in the world. Slowly and steadily, it’s apparently creeping all over. Men wanted to be promiscuous from as long as past can be remembered, difference lies in the gradual changing degree of stealth. Women who think equality with men means equally doing the wrong things as well are growing in numbers. First its clothing, occupation, then smokes, drinks, drugs, and now well, we know what.

Why just talk abusive about women, what about the men? Hmmm, I don’t need to in particular shed light on it, do I? Their adventures are famous…!! And just ‘cause you haven’t heard wrong about anyone in particular doesn’t mean that the man is flawless. However, today being flawless might just be the new turnoff for women at large.

I would want to include myself in the list of the stereotypical woman, who always wanted to be happily married, have the beachside house, with a big veranda to overlook the scene, who would want to sit back and have coffee in the evening with her husband and chat about the long day’s work. But darn the corporate world, it pulled me in too. Major reason being, parents coaxing me to be ready and standing on my feet to make sure I have backup, if tomorrow my life partner plans to ditch me over another female, or anything else. It’s like a struggle to be self-sufficient, anticipating in apprehension for doom day of your life… Pessimism at its best!

In the past when I used to think of having a kid, I used to be perplexed. Should I wish for a new girl in world to be tricked on, and picked at? Or should I wish for a guy who, would be responsible for cheating and otherwise be irresponsible in other matters.  It’s time to take a reality and fictional check here. Now the tables have turned, you see similar drawbacks in each case. Maybe that’s the precise reason you don’t get to choose but you have to let nature take its course and you just accept it. It is then our call to build his/her life and personality, the way we consider it to be moral. So can I blame all the parents of these stereotypical guys n gals I mentioned… what did they miss? How does anyone avoid a similar fate..? Whom should you turn to ask for an answer, a solution, if there is one at all? Am I responsible enough, old enough to get a tiny new life in this ‘oh-so-cruel’ world? Will it survive? Questions questions, and some more questions!

Well since I am taking the liberty to talk to myself, I might as well do this. I don’t think anyone is responsible to get another life at any time in their life. They can hardly live their own. Even if they do live well themselves, you are still learning every single day. We learn, gain understanding, but then sometimes we cross the line, and think we are the expert. Let me repeat, when I say we, I mean the male and female, both. We are probably meant to be compliments of each other, when one does wrong, the other corrects, rather than trying to outdo the other in the same wrongdoing. We are meant to be 2 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle who have to live in harmony for everything. But somehow we love the friction and will continue to do so, whether moral or not…!!



  1. boys think the same way.. if a boy is saying i’m superior, then it means he can not shout at his boss and he is looking for other way to become one.. the same thing applies to girls as well..
    end of the day no one hates each other..
    may be this world is not so cruel.. there is lack of predators, may be thats why nature has turned man into his own rival..

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