Do you feel Clownish at all?

We have all gone to see a circus performance at least once in our lifetime as kids. Alright let me rephrase that, ALMOST all of us have. If you haven’t, well, it’s about time you take a kid to it. Leave the acrobats, the lions and their hunterwala better known as the Ringmaster, the kid is going to laugh like never before on every muscle the funny hat wearing-face painted-big boots-too tall or too short clown moves..!! This is what I think of the clown and wrote a little something……


He cries to make you laugh

Multiplies your joy and your sorrows are halved

What does he want from you??

Your happiness and your claps…

For that he will create and fall into mishaps


He may go through a heartbreak

But he sings and cracks jokes all for your sake

He need not talk need not bluff,

Just a red splotch on his nose and that’s enough


Have you tried to think, what he may be going through?

The expression on his face may not always be true.

He carries his personal life in his bags

During the show he throws it on the side and wears his rags…


He travels a dual journey

A dark stormy morning and the other sunny,

Your laughter gives him satisfaction,

Feeding us all a delightful concoction.




  1. Did u just C Mera Naam Joker?
    N to the Question….Never…i think u shudnt live for anyone….coz u r never really happy yrself living like that…n eventually others wl rem u as jst tht the CLOWN n forget the person, wz feelings,…then u end like Raj Kapoor from the movie 🙂

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