TSUNAMI- the waves of destiny

This was written just after Nature showed its disappointment through water, a very important requisite for life..

Original date: 30 Jan 2005

The pleasant blue sky was high above
& birds were singing out to their love,
Deep water in the sea seemed to look calm
But no one knew it would cause so much harm!!

The earlier ‘pleasant’ looking started to look darker,
The singing turned to squeals, screeching and sharper
The calmed one grew ferocious
Giving out an image that was vivacious.

Larger waves started to splurge,
No one knew that the ones in it would not emerge.
Relaxing souls, on the beautiful shore,
Will be terrified upto the core.

Innocent babies sleeping in their bed,
Would not know tomorrow why their parents are dead.
Tall waves pulled people in them,
Causing them losses they had never dreamt.

A mother of two kids had a decision to make,
Whose life out of the two should be put to stake?
She let-go of the elder with a knot in her heart,
But she was the one who was torn apart.

She could swim only with one in hand,
But the thought of the death of the other she could not stand.
But look at this game that fate plays
The elder one holds a floating rope & alive he stays.

Some lost their kids and one gained a new one,
Oh Lord! Is this a game for your fun?!
They wanted to name him something wild and strong!
“Tsunami!” they chorused to the lived one the name shall belong.



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