Itz Me!!

So this is what to expect here… Blahh, Blahh and some more Blahh!!!! I am always accused of talking too much since my childhood and when I don’t get it out of my system, I just bore almost any victim in sight..!! Hence, I decided to bore everyone in ‘site’ (wink wink) possible…!!! Some of it actually might make some sense.. so do not expect complete crap here..!!!

By whom? well Me..!!! who else??? Feel free to look at the left for the most recent posts and in the index to sort by categories!!


The usual colour of the blogs could be cynicism, sarcasm and might seem dark at a glance. But its hard to go away from them as that is the direction in which the world is now moving in, so you would see yourself indulging in it in your daily life. Now the only difference is, I am publicizing my thoughts, using my freedom of speech, and that’s how it goes!!!

4 responses to “Itz Me!!

  1. ahhhahhha yeah so u cud hv been n rj yeah chal theek hai by da way wot do u do anagha juss loved ur tweet on ur pet naam kyaa hai!!!

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